Student comments for Barbara’s Yoga

This is what people who come to my sessions have  to say about them:

“Barbara, you’re a great teacher and I look forward to your class every week.”  Les

“The few Zoom classes I have attended [with you] have been great and much better for me than just watching a YouTube yoga class.  Thank you Barbara. Vikki

“As a carer, I can say that our yoga classes have been invaluable for me both physically and mentally.  They have really given me a chance to take care of my body and my mind and have a bit of a break during the week.” Mari

“I have severe underlying health conditions that make me nervous to join an exercise class but Barbara has been able to accommodate my needs brilliantly.”  Lynne

“It’s been brilliant to be able to carry on.  Even though I like the physical classes better it’s just been so great to be able to carry on.  Thank you Barbara for keeping these going.”  Madhu

“Learning to slow down and relax more and to focus on how the body and breathing work together.  Barbara is a superb tutor.”  Janice

Susan  “I’ve gained confidence, I’ve had fun, and the effects on my mind and body have been reduced.  After my yoga session I feel inspired and resilient.”

Valerie   “I have really enjoyed the class.  In future I will practice yoga and meditation to help me improve my mental health”