Online Yoga

Welcome to Barbara’s  Yoga in Sandhurst, Berkshire.

I hold an online yoga class on a Friday morning at 10am.  Whether you are a beginner, a regular yogi or someone with a physical or mental reason for choosing yoga you are welcome to join. I incorporate therapeutic yoga practices into my sessions. You can contact me on 07960456078 or email if you’d like more details. 

Adapted Parsvakonasana

This is a Zoom yoga class of 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The cost is £10.0. 

What makes yoga so special for me is the seemingly endless ways in which a simple posture like Bridge is experienced depending on whether we choose to move in and out of it quickly because we’ve energy to burn or whether we decide to move very slowly and mindfully because that’s how we feel at the time.  It feels different according to whether we breathe in or out as we move…..whether or not we move our arms as well.  When we bring breath and movement together, without being consciously aware of it at first, we release the mind’s seemingly constant flitting from one to another of our everyday concerns.  We find that we are able to experience a feeling of peace with ourselves.  Strangely though, if we set out with the intention of finding it, it usually eludes us.  It is by practising with our concentration on what we are doing at the time that it is more likely to arise. 

One advantage of an online yoga session is that we aren’t so aware of how others are ‘performing’ so we concentrate more on learning about ourselves.  Once you have found your space in your home for your class you know it’s a place you can come back to for a personal practice. Some sessions will be recorded and available to participants for a limited time so you can revisit the sessions and explore for yourself.   

There is usually time for some socialising during the session times, most usually at the beginning so you can always make arrangements to meet personally with new contacts if you wish.

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Asana means ‘comfortable seat’.